DNS Problem - my console tree is missing.

I have a Windows 2003SP2 standard server, configured as the domain controller, with dhcp, and dns.  When I was having problems with my (separate) exchange server, I tried to look at teh DNS entries on my domain controller, but there is no console tree - except for the event viewer.  In other words, I can't look at my zones because there aren't any.  I de-installed/re-installed dns and dhcp, no change.  I also found three viruses on the server, and got rid of them using "Malwarebytes".  Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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If you have reinstalled DNS did you recreate the forward lookup zone afterward? Is the server still functioning as a DNS server for your clients? You can test by trying a nslookup for a domain from one of your workstations.
taplingAuthor Commented:
I just did an nslookup from another server in the domain and I got:

"can't find name - non-existant domain."

When I re-installed the dns, there was no place to set up the zones - I don't get that option in my dnsmgmt window.
taplingAuthor Commented:
Additionally, when I re-installed dns, at the very end, I got an error " Can't create that forward lookup zone, it already exists".
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In the DNS Console tree if you right click on the server there is a "New Zone" option. If you try to an nslookup of the dns server such as "nslookup dnssvr1" it should resolve to itself. If it isn't then you can troubleshoot from there.

Do you have more than one DNS server?
taplingAuthor Commented:
To:  Techno-wiz - thanks for your reply.

I only have the one DNS server.

Perhaps I didn't state it clearly; the only thing in the console tree is "Event Viewer"  There is nothing else listed.  That is my problem, I can't click on anything to configure because there is nothing there.

I tried nslookup from another server, and it could not find the dns server.

In the DNS console right click "DNS" and select "Connect to Server" to connect to your DNS server.

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