Cannot remove a static NAT entry "TRANSLATION NOT FOUND"

I accidentally added a NAT entry but forgot to include the protocol TCP so it looks like this in the config:

ip nat source static x.x.x.16 route-map RMAP2 extendable

I try to delete the entry with this command:

no ip nat source static x.x.x.16 route-map RMAP2 extendable

I receive an error: %Translation not found.

I'm confused because this is exactly what is listed in the config.  I've tried clearing translations, etc.
David BlairAsked:
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David BlairConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Right....  But it wound up in the config anyway and that is why I cannot remove.  I had to remove on my PC and then transfer config back via TFTP to get that line out of there.

The command did not take because it should be ip nat inside source static .......

harbor235 ;}
David BlairAuthor Commented:
Solved myself.  Thanks for your assistance.
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