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Hello Experts,

I have 5 terminal servers that allow my plant workers to use thin clients to logon.
Each department has a workstation.
So say i have a windows department, with 8 employees that work in it.
the username is different for each department, with a generic password for all departments.
Recently i have had some reports of one department that is no 24 hours logon being used to probe our network.
I know the username and the password and to which termial server they are logging.
What i want to try and do, is catch them "in the act" so to speak.
I can turn on secuity logging on the domain and monitor for logon times, thats my first step.
Are there any other tips or tricks that will aid me in dealing with my offender?
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Do you have a baseball bat?

Seriously though, what types of tips are you looking for? How to detect logins, monitor what they are doing, etc...
hahhhhahahhhahahahahhhahahhhaha...... probably you should some spy agent on those workstations as a background service, but still it will not be more effective
probably you can install the dameware client on these workstations and see from your machine what they are doing...even the VNC would help
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I've used employee activity monitor before, it's ok. 
wlacroixAuthor Commented:
the workstations in my plant are dumb terminals, i use standard PCs with boot disks to hit my terminal servers, so nothing to install on the local, they dont even have hard drives.

So with all the users logged into termial services i need to monitor a session.

Can i view what they are doing without having to ask them permission, i think its a termial server setting but need to test.

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wlacroixAuthor Commented:

what i got out of that article is the ability to remote into a users session without permission. Thank you. I will award you partial points if anything else comes up.

In the mean time, where can one buy a bat :)
wlacroixAuthor Commented:

this product looks to be designed for the desktop. We are running terminal services and I dont remember reading anything regarding terminal services.
late contribution, i know, but why didn't anyone mention that wlacroix could have used terminal services manager to view the session that his users are logged into.  

wlacroix, the setting you referred to is on the properties page of the users account in AD. on the terminal services tab, you can specify whether a user is required to click ok or not when viewing their session.
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