Audio out of sync using Nero Vision v4

Posted on 2008-10-31
Last Modified: 2013-11-13

I am using Nero Vision v4 to create video files that I write to my hard drive. Eventually I will burn these to a DVD. The files I am using are AVI that I downloaded from the internet.

The problem I am having is that the audio is out of sync with the video, often by 5 to 8 seconds.

The AVI file plays fine in Windows Media player or any other player I try. But when I load the AVI file into Nero Vision, the audio is off.

I have a Dell Workstation 690 with 8 processors and 4GB of RAM.

Look forward to your suggestions.

Question by:Starbuck67
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Hi Starbuck67, puzzling as to why that is happening,
 AVI that I downloaded from the internet.<< DRM maybe?
If they have DRM inplace then you hit a copyright issue and this is how they prevent you from keeping them.

I too have Nero Vision 4 and never experienced this with 2 gig of ram one processor.
What's the steps you do
open Nero Vision then select make a movie?
then drop the avi on, Nero will re-author it to mpeg,
then drop it onto the video timeline
then you can play it here.
Any lag at this point?

Is this a divx avi?
try gspot codec analyser to see what it's made up of.
analyse it then use the proposed codecs and solutions to see if it has any errors what audio was used.
You may have to convert it mpeg first suggest using Super

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Hi Merete,

Yes, after I get the menu system set up, you can test the menu system before you go to the burn process. When I test the AVI's that I've choosen to burn (4 one hour AVI's) the audio is out of sync.

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Hi jeff,
Any results from gspot?
May help to pin down what codecs are used.
From what I sourced happens with Nero Vision and some with Roxio, but what actually is causing this is hard to find.
The source of this avi is also significant. Main areas is capturing but you downloaded it off the internet.
Some suggest running it through VirtualDub with full processing mode on the audio and the video. But that's just more processing.
here is that tool

What I would do is convert this avi to mpeg using Super/ great tool I use it a lot to convert small avi to mpeg1 seems Nero works better with mpeg, it's also very fast and you drop a few of these avi on in one go. Then merge them in Nero Vision.

There is ffdshow to fix divx issues

If you want to see some of the sourced I found with the same problem but not offering a lot solutions
Netscaler Common Configuration How To guides

If you use NetScaler you will want to see these guides. The NetScaler How To Guides show administrators how to get NetScaler up and configured by providing instructions for common scenarios and some not so common ones.


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Hi Merete,

Not exactly sure what all this means, but I attached a text file generated by Gspot.

A tried using Super after reading the PDF manual. Not that I understood it all, but the concept seemed to be to double click on the file to be encoded to see what the current media file configuration was and then match the output as closely to that as possible. I used the mpg output option based on your recommendation for Nero. I assume mpg is the same thing as mpeg?

The resulting mpg file did not play in Windows Media Player. It did play in VLC Media player but with a lot of break up. Playing the file in Quick Time was clearly pixelated and no where near the quality of the original file but with no break up. Real Player would not play it at all. Nero Player was the worst.

Look forward to your input.


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Hi Jeff sorry for the delays have you resolved it?
This is an xvid avi, codec used mpeg4
VIDEO_SIZE_X                   624
VIDEO_SIZE_Y                   352

In Super just drop the avi on select mpeg1 in the output container leave everything else as is, such as the video scale audio as is.
If you change this to suit a dvd before encoding it you probably altered the video scale and that will cause the image to pixelate
then encode.
try again to play in vlc.
as it's now an mpeg you maybe able to increase the display by dragging out the media player edge  but going full screen may pixelate it.


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Hi Merete,

The image after conversion to mpeg is too pixilated.

In the mean time I have upgraded from Nero v7 to Nero v9 and apparently the people at Nero changed or improved the program because the voice delay is now gone when I process the AVI file Nero Vision.

Thanks for your help.

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Well done Jeff glad to hear Nero resolved it. Even though it's puzzling how it did that.
from my experience pixelated video points to slow low end video card even heat.
Not enough ram etc to process the work.
Nero 9 wow you're game.
How do you find it?
I have Nero 7 ultimate and don't really want to upgrade it as it works so well.
What I have seen in the offerings from Nero and 9 the only advancements is TV and internet music stuff nothing new with Nero Vision and that's the main tool I'm interested in.
Thank you for posting your solution.
Anytime you would like to give some feedback with using Nero 9 I'd love to hear it.
Best wishes


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