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SBS 2003 install - DHCP problem

I am installing SBS 2003 on a new Dell. It is the only server. I entered a static  IP address during the install. I get the error message During Setup, you chose to use an existing DHCP server on the local network. The DHCP server service was not installed or configured on the computer running windows small business server.  How can I make it install the DHCP ? I can't get past this - I can't install RDT or the other things.
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Paul TozerCommented:
More than likely you have a router giving out DHCP addresses. If you want SBS to give out DHCP addresses you will have to switch this off on the router.

You can install DHCP after the installation in the same way you would on any other windows 2003 server.

You can disable SBS from recognising rogue dhcp servers by changing the following registry entry:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\DHCPServer\Parameters] "DisableRogueDetection"=dword:00000001

but probably not best practice to do this, better to correct the reason that SBS is detecting another DHCP server
Try to unplug network cable and try again, need to verify whether another DHCP is existed or local setting problem.
jwk301Author Commented:
Thanks for your reply.
The only thing on the nework is Netopia AT&T modem. The technician set it up this way:
NAT off
DHCP off
Bridged router
Why is it detecting a DHCP server? There are no other switches or routers or computers attached anywhere. I am just trying to get SBS installed so someone can sign on to RDT.

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i think you do not need DHCP server right? just ignore the error message and go ahead set your static IP at network connection.
Paul TozerCommented:
Go through the SBS setup and ignore the error and set up dhcp afterwards. If windows detects a DHCP after SBS installs and you set it up manually, then you definately have a DHCP server running somewhere.

Have a look if any of the client machines on the network are running internet connection sharing on accident.

When you set up DHCP after install if it stops the service after set up check event log for

The DHCP/BINL service on this computer running Windows Server 2003 for Small Business
Server has encountered another server on this network with IP Address

It will tell you the ip address of the machine running the dhcp server
Here is the step-by-guide for installation of DHCP server
Rob WilliamsCommented:
DHCP is quite critical to SBS. Though you can enable and configure it with the CEICW after the fact, it is best to install with the server if possible. You may have a rogue DHCP server on your network, it could even be a PC running ICS. I would recommend disconnecting the SBS from the network, but keep it a attached to a switch as the only connected device. If SBS during install does not see a network connection it may configure a dot/root DNS zone that has to be repaired later.

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