dell, dimension 9100, keyboard \ mouse usb ports

No usb ports are found on post.
There are no PS/2 ports on this motherboard..
any ideas?
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Are the usb ports enabled in the bios?
Do you able to use keyboard during POST and can access bios?
lostinakAuthor Commented:
There are no error messages during the post. Communication with the Bios is not possible since it does not recognize any device attached to the USB ports. The computer does continue to boot up to Windows XP.
I have attached known good keyboard and mouse.
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Please update all the bios, chipset, motherboard, bios, and all the drivers that your computer have.  Also go to and downaload all the windows updates including SP3.  All that should be current.  Even if you have the bios updates install the latest one to overwrite any faulty or corrupted chips.  

Good luck.
Lostinak, the bios might be tricky,  you need to keep in mind that the usb devices send a interrupt request to the bios to tell them that they are there.  If the Bios doesn't get it, it thinks that there is no USB devices.  If there is any communication errors then it might not recognize that they are there.  Please install all the drivers and Bios and go from there.  

If you have another tower similar to the one you have,  you can put the hard drive and test any usb device.  If it works I am right, If it doesn't then it is an OS problem and formating might be your solution.  Good luck

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There is a header on system board for standard keyboard, you will need to contact Dell Support to get that keyboard adapter, then you can go further diagnostic and fix the issue.
As now, you might try to reset bios by remove the coin shape battery on board see if that helps.
I apologize lostinak I was tired and didn't put 2 and 2 together that you couldn't access the bios.  Punky... I didn't know they made that piece of hardware.  Good to know.  Thanks!
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