fixing another computer

how do I fix this error on my other computer, not on this one, I do not have the startup disks for windows xp
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lpxtechConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You only have to use the same disk if you are installing/reinstalling, and actually, possibly just a new product key in that case. But for repairing etc. you can use any xp disk, i would make sure it matches your version (pro or home) etc.
have you tried a repair install? I know you stated you don't have the disk, but if you can borrow a windows xp disk in order to run the install repair, I believe that will fix your problem.
keywester51Author Commented:
ok ...can i get any windows xp disk, I thought you had to have the original set to work on that computer?
keywester51Author Commented:
yes..this did answer my question , good if only i can put it to the test and see ....
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