Upload entire folder to an FTP server

I have a desktop running windows XP and i have installed the FTP service under IIS. I have another server running unix. Now i want to upload an entire directory from this unix server to the windows FTP home directory. How do i accomplish this?
IN short:
1. One FTP server running on windows XP under IIS with home directory d:\XYZ
2. One unix server
3. i want to connect from Unix to Windows FTP server and then upload a entire directory to the home directory (d:\xyz)

What i did:
1. From the unix server gave the command> FTP> open A.B.C.D
2. logged in as anonymous
4. <local file> /home/xyz
5. <remote file> d:\XYZ

the above is only to copy a file. But what about an entire directory ?
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for an entire directory (but without subdirectories) issue
'mput *' after having setup source and target correctly (cd/lcd)
Remembder to turn prompting off.
smanoj21Author Commented:
i treid the following
<local file>:  /home/xyz/*
the screen scrolled very quickly as if copying something but when the scrolling stopped i could see that against all files, it was mentioned "the system cannot find the path specified"
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use 'mput *', as I wrote.
Before that, turn prompting off by issuing 'prompt'
basically, you need wget on your windows xp. Please see:

smanoj21Author Commented:
Actually, i need to UPLOAD a directory TO the FTP server. I have used wget before for download. But in this case, i need to UPLOAD a directory from Unix (appn server) to an FTP server (Windows XP). This might seem strange that i am using windows XP as an FTP server but i am not using this in production environment. I just need to have a backup of some folders residing on a Unix server.
smanoj21Author Commented:
SO, I am gonna log in from a unix server using FTP to a windows XP system and upload directories to the XP system. (i know, usually people log in from XP to unix running FTP but here its the reverse). i Just want to know how to do it.
smanoj21Author Commented:
ftp> mput
(local-files) /home/manojs/07102008/*
mput /home/manojs/07102008/tbccnv001098.S? y
200 PORT command successful.
550 /home/manojs/07102008/tbccnv001098.S: The system cannot find the path specified.
mput /home/manojs/07102008/tbccnv002098.S? y
200 PORT command successful.
550 /home/manojs/07102008/tbccnv002098.S: The system cannot find the path specified.
mput /home/manojs/07102008/tbccnv004098.S? e
Continue with mput? n
I am not sure if there is a tool that can upload recursevly directories. Some FTP clients (GUI e.g. WS_FTP) that let you interactivelly upload.

You may also think of having an ssh server running on the windows system and then you could use scp from unix to windows.

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I still don't understand why you are not willing to use 'mput *' (given you don't want to transfer subdirs, too).
Remember to turn prompting off -
ftp> prompt
Interactive mode off.

smanoj21Author Commented:
Yeah i tried turning the prompting "OFF"
i used mput * and i agree that it tries to upload all foders. But as i mentioned before, it tries to copy the file and gives the error below
550 /home/manojs/07102008/tbccnv001098.S: The system cannot find the path specified
(Where "tbccnv001098.S:" is one of the list of several files that i want to upload from Unix to XP running FTP & "/home/manojs/07102008" is the folder path from the unix file system where the files reside.

Finally i downloaded the "Smart FTP client software" which was able to do the job for me but still i was wondering why the good old CLI is not able to do the job. Remember i want to upload files from HP UX to windows XP running FTP.
the ftp tool is not capable of uploading or downloading sub folders
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