Is the activation of "Session Shadowing" really not possible after installation?


A Client has a Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 and he requests to use the "session shadowing" feature.
As a newbie in Citrix I thought "ok, read the f.... manual" and so I did. The manual says:
"The activation of shadowing has to be made during the installation and can not be changed afterwards."

So my 2 questions are:
- How do I find out if the shadowing is activatet or not?
- If not, is there a workaround to activate it?

I appreciate any help.

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Carl WebsterCommented:
Second question first, if Shadowing is not enabled at installaton, then the software has to be reinstalled to enable that feature.

In my lab, I always install Shadowing.  There is a cshadow.* and wshadow.* set of files in c:\program files\citrix\system32.

I am building a VM now to see if those files are present when Shadowing is not enabled during install.
Carl WebsterCommented:
yes, the cshadow.* and wshadow.* files are installed when shadowing is disabled during the install.
shadowing is installed in all citrix installations.  
you can control who can shadow, and who they can shadow based on citrix policies.
policies are currently controlled thru the presentation server console.
please let me know if you still need additional assistance.
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Carl WebsterCommented:
Are you saying you can shadow someone even though shadowing was disabled upon installation?
Carl WebsterCommented:
This is proving to be a bear to figure out.  I created a bare bones Server 2003 R2 Std VM and installed XenApp 4.5 FR1 in it with shadowing disabled.  I can't find any difference between that image and one where shadowing was enabled.  I still get the Shadow Bar, I can still set policies to enable shadowing and still have the option in both RDP and ICA protocols for shadowing.

I'm going to try a 2nd time just to make sure I didn't screw something up.
carl, the image is going to be the same.  there is no difference.  what is not working the way you would wish?
Carl WebsterCommented:
Well one VM has shadowing enabled and the other VM has shadowing disabled.  So there should be SOMETHING different between the two.
there is, but it is in the datastore, not the file system on the server.  what is different is the permissions for shadowing.
Carl WebsterCommented:
What I am trying to find is where one can tell on a server if shadowing is enabled or disabled.  Can't look in the DS (or we are not supposed to).
shadowing (the technology) by itself is always enabled.  the question is who has the permission to shadow.
this is best controlled thru citrix policies.
Carl WebsterCommented:
I disagree.  When you install XenApp 4.5/5, it gives you the option to Prohibit or Enable Shadowing.  If you Prohibit Shadowing, the only way to Enable it is to reinstall XenApp.

Quoting from page 69 of the 4.5 Admin Guide:

Important Shadowing restrictions are permanent. If you disable shadowing or
enable shadowing but disable certain shadowing features during Setup, you
cannot change the restrictions later. Any user policies you create to enable userto-
user shadowing are subject to the restrictions you place on shadowing during
Setup. Do not disable shadowing as a substitute for user- and group-specific
connection policies.

Prohibit shadowing of user sessions on this server. Select this option to
permanently disable shadowing of user sessions on the server. If you disable
shadowing during Setup, you cannot enable it using other Citrix Presentation
Server configuration utilities or by creating connection policies.

I believe those two paragraphs blow away your statement that Shadowing "is always enabled".
Carl WebsterCommented:
OK, found it.

Administrative Tools
Terminal Services Configuration
Right-click ICA-tcp
ICA Settings
very bottom, if Shadowing is disabled, then the "Shadowing" area is grayed out.


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Carl WebsterCommented:
Is this not what you were looking for?  It is the only way I could find that accurately shows if Shadowing was Enabled or Prohibited during the install.

rolandmuellerAuthor Commented:
Hi Carl
Thank you for your fast respond, research and answer. I was quiet tied up yesterday and wasn't able to backcheck for an answer.
Honestly, I kind of hoped for a solution for my main problem the activation. But I guess we need a reinstallation for that.
You think it will work if I just start the installation again, over the current one and all the settings will be still there?

Carl WebsterCommented:
I just tested then by running the Autorun.exe and by clicking Change on Citrix Presentation Server for Windows.  Both just ran w/o giving me any options to change any of the installed options.  When I ran Change from the Add/Remove Programs, it did give me the option to "Modify".  That only gave me the ability to mark a feature to be uninstalled.

So it appears the only way to Allow shadowing after installation is to uninstall Presentation Server for Windows and reinstall it.  Since you will be rejoining the same farm and all the farm info is in the Datastore, all Farm and Server settings will come right back.
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