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How to enhance Excel security

I've developed a stand-alone like application in Excel. How can I ensure the application will be used within company's laptops?
As all laptops are in the same domain. I am thinking to check user's domain at the begining before running the application. How I can achieve that in VB or any other better ideas?
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Dave BrettVice President - Business EvaluationCommented:

You could search for these domains on the Workbook Open event, if found then progress, or close your application

A couple of sample codes below that list
1) The Workbook open event
2) The domain of the current computer
3) All domains on the current network



Private Sub Workbook_Open()
    Dim wshn
    Set wshn = CreateObject("wscript.network")
    Select Case wshn.userdomain
    Case "mine1", "mine2"
        'your code here
    Case Else
        C = MsgBox("Unlicensced used of this addin", vbCritical, "Warning!")
        ThisWorkbook.Close False
    End Select
End Sub
Sub Domain()
    Dim wshn
    Set wshn = CreateObject("wscript.network")
    MsgBox wshn.userdomain
End Sub
Sub All_Domains()
    Dim adsNS, adsDomain, WSHshell
    Set WSHshell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
    Set adsNS = GetObject("WinNT:")
    adsNS.Filter = Array("domain")
    For Each adsDomain In adsNS
        WSHshell.popup adsDomain.ADsPath
End Sub

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