How to stop certain users from having to change their passowrds.

Currently I have implemented password complexity and minimum password length with a forced password change every 42 days. However I have a number of machines which are in operations and I do not want the users on those machines to have to change their passwords ever. I do want their password to have to meet the other criteria, minimum length and complexity. I created an OU made the users members and made what I thought were the relevant changes but it still asks them to change every 42 days. How do I do this properly?
btec_bobIT Services DirectorAsked:
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Don S.Commented:
Simply check the "password never expires" box in the account tab of their profile.  This will overide the group policy for that user.

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btec_bobIT Services DirectorAuthor Commented:
Now that has to be one of the easiest 500 pointers ever. Thank you.
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