Set Default Value in html:optionsCollection


I'm using LabelValueBean Struts Util class to set drop down list (HTML:SELECT) values in my JSP. I reterive customer state code from the database, while rendering the JSP , I need to set this customer state as a default value in the dropdown list box. Please advice me on how to achive this.

Action Code: Reterives all the states from DB
                    Collection options = new ArrayList();
                    while (
                        String value = cursor.getString(cursor.getMetaData().getColumnName(1).toString());
                        String label = cursor.getString(cursor.getMetaData().getColumnName(2).toString());
                        LabelValueBean option = new LabelValueBean(value, label);

<html:select property="attnCustState"  >
        <html:optionsCollection name="listOfValuesState"  />
If the customer has AZ as his state setup in DB, while reteriving the data, the list box must point to this state.

Thanks for your help in advance.
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         <html:select<html:optionsCollection name="form1"
          property="List1" value="col1" label="col2" />
a assume that u define an actionform form1
in witch u define an arraylist List1 with getter and setter
in the getter method of the arraylist : u do like this, sure its not recommended , but its a solution
      public java.util.List<classe1> getList1() {
            if (List1.isEmpty()) {
                  List1.add(new classe1(id, label));
                  List1.add(new classe1(id,label));
                                                                 ..... etc
//or u call the code u put in the action , to get the different options
            return List1;

is it OK ?
vino09Author Commented:
Thanks  Laes, for your possible solution.  I could not implement this solution. Is there an alternate approch to create a dropdown list topoint to a  default code while rendering the JSP.

if u want to preserve the mvc pattern, struts form associated with an actionForm
that is the solution
unless you want to code it with jsp tag <%..., the worst thing !
personally, a developped it as mentioned

vino09Author Commented:

This was the solution that I followed to getby this issue,
In action,
                     while (
                        String value = rs2.getString(rs2.getMetaData().getColumnName(1).toString());
                        LabelValueBean option = new LabelValueBean(value, value);
                     setStatesList(options);   //list attributed defined in the form

<td class="ColumnCellDataL" >
               <html:select name="ReportForm" property="attnCustState">  //attnCustState contains the default state
                    <html:option value="attnCustState"><bean:message   key="customer.address.state.label"/></html:option>
                    <html:optionsCollection name="CompReportForm" property="statesList"  />


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