Troubles Enabling SCR


I seem to be having some troubles enabling SCR for mailbox databases
on one of my exchange 2007 servers.  Both servers are in the same
domain, same room, same rack and on the same switch @ gigabit.  Both
host only the mailbox role.  The 'Source' server (AKA ATLANTIS) is the
main mailbox server in our organization and hosts 5 storage groups,
each with a single database.  The 'Target' server (AKA EX-MBX-BKP) is
a virtual machine running in hyperv that has the ex2007 mailbox role
installed and currently has no storage groups or databases and will be
strictly a SCR target.

On the source I ran..

[PS] C:\Windows\System32>Enable-StorageGroupCopy Misc -StandbyMachine

WARNING: Misc copy is enabled but seeding is needed for the copy. The
group copy is temporaily suspended. Please resume the copy after
seeding the

Then on the Target I ran... (see brackets for text color).  After
running this the directories were created on the target server for the
data automatically and the database file was put into /sg/db/temp-

[PS] C:\Windows\System32>Update-StorageGroupCopy ATLANTIS\Misc -
StandbyMachine E

[yellow text]WARNING: Replication for storage group 'ATLANTIS\Misc' is
still suspended. If
needed, you can use the Resume-StorageGroupCopy cmdlet in the Exchange
Management Shell to resume replication.[/yellow text]

[red text]Update-StorageGroupCopy : Seeding failed : Database seeding
error: Error return
ed from an ESE function call (0xc7ff1004), error code (0x0).
At line:1 char:24
+ Update-StorageGroupCopy  <<<< ATLANTIS\Misc -StandbyMachine EX-MBX-
BKP[/red text]

At that point on the SOURCE I ran the status command and saw that it
was listed as suspended, so I ran the resume command and then it was
listed as healthy (see below)

[PS] C:\Windows\System32>Get-StorageGroupCopyStatus Misc -
StandbyMachine EX-MBX-
BKP | FL Name,SummaryCopyStatus

SummaryCopyStatus : Suspended

[PS] C:\Windows\System32>Resume-StorageGroupCopy Misc -StandbyMachine

[PS] C:\Windows\System32>Get-StorageGroupCopyStatus Misc -
StandbyMachine EX-MBX-
BKP | FL Name,SummaryCopyStatus

SummaryCopyStatus : Healthy

Then after a few minutes I wanted to check the status of the logs etc
and ran the following....

[PS] C:\Windows\System32>Get-StorageGroupCopyStatus Misc -
StandbyMachine EX-MBX-
BKP | FL Identity,*status*,*log*,*length*

Identity                      : ATLANTIS\Misc
SummaryCopyStatus             : Failed
LatestAvailableLogTime        :
LastCopyNotificationedLogTime :
LastCopiedLogTime             :
LastInspectedLogTime          :
LastReplayedLogTime           :
LastLogGenerated              : 34224
LastLogCopyNotified           : 0
LastLogCopied                 : 0
LastLogInspected              : 0
LastLogReplayed               : 0
CopyQueueLength               : 0
ReplayQueueLength             : 0

This obviously was NOT good so I ran the full Copy status command and
coudl see the following error....

[PS] C:\Windows\System32>Get-StorageGroupCopyStatus Misc -
StandbyMachine EX-MBX-

Identity                         : ATLANTIS\Misc
StorageGroupName                 : Misc
SummaryCopyStatus                : Failed
NotSupported                     : False
NotConfigured                    : False
Disabled                         : False
ServiceDown                      : False
Failed                           : True
Initializing                     : False
Resynchronizing                  : False
Seeding                          : False
Suspend                          : False
CCRTargetNode                    :
FailedMessage                    : The Microsoft Exchange Replication
Service e
                                   ncountered an error while
inspecting the log
                                   s and database for ATLANTIS\Misc on
                                    The specific error code returned
is: Micros

                                   MissingException: File check
failed : Logfil
                                   e 'F:\ExData\misc\log
\E0400000001.log' was n
                                   ot found.
                                   n, Int64 maximumGeneration)

icaInstance.ConfigurationChecker(Object stat

I am stumped as to what is going on, from what I can tell this should
be pretty straightforward.  Can anyone direct me where I might be
going wrong?

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wingnut691983Author Commented:
I have solved the issue, the database properly seeds after adding Windows powershell to the list of firewall exceptions on both the target and the source.

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I am having this exact problem, but Windows Firewall is disabled on both our exchange servers.  Please help!!
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