Clarification on DST patch in ref to Exchange 2003 calendar issues

I had a server crash (SBS 2003) a month ago and forgot to apply the DST patch when I restored the system. So now my server clock is wrong and all the network clients have the wrong time forced down from the server. If I patch the server only, will I need to do anything with Exchange calendars that are server based???? I am not 100% sure based on what I read from MS. Any advice appreciated.

NOTE: The information stores were lost so any appointment data on the server was entered since the crash and without the DST patch on the server.

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CSSupport2007Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Ok we are past the 2 week extended DST so you just have to worry about items entered for next year.

You should apply the windows server patch as well as the exchange patch.

I am not completely sure but any Calendar items currently entered for the extended DST time period for next year might have to be corrected. Please have your users verify.

mjc5273Author Commented:
So they won't have any problems with appointments between now and March 09 correct?
mjc5273Author Commented:
Thank you!
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