Outlook will not send email from Terminal services session.

I have a user who is running Outlook 2007 from a terminal services session. Everything works fine except that all the emails she sends pile up in her outbox. If she goes to a local machine and brings up outlook, after a few seconds all the email goes out. We have a local exchange server to handle emails.
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SSISBobConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
We have segregated the local profiles from the TS profiles and not allowed a user to use both with the same userid. This avoided the problem.
I have outlook in terminal session and it works fine,You may need some permissions tuning to have the emails be sent to the exchange server,
somewhat similar links:
SSISBobAuthor Commented:
Everybody else who is using TS is working fine. Just this one user is having trouble.
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SSISBobAuthor Commented:
Did I mention that this user is the owner of the business. She also has network admin rights but I don't see how more rights could block this action. I didn't see anything in the links that suggest a possible solution.
Jim P.Commented:
Have you cleared her profile on the TS box and had it recreate?
SSISBobAuthor Commented:
No. I'll give it a try and post again here.
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