Users complaining that files are in use by me?

Some of my users and saying that when they open some of their files (from a specific file server), it is saying that the "File is in use by npc_caseym" (that's me).  I've never opened these files before and if I go to the server when they say this and look at the open files, it is usually opened by someone else.  What could be causing this?

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Is there any chance a user has a computer that was yours (corporate hand-me-down)?  That might cause it.   .... T
npc_caseymAuthor Commented: is happening to multiple users who have their own computers.
I'm thinking along the same lines as thinkpads_user...    Recall that Office has its own "Current User" concept that appears the first time Office is run.   If an administrator ran Office first, and entered your name and initials, then all users would see "you" as the person who has the file open.
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npc_caseymAuthor Commented:
Even if I've never logged on to their machine?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Office setup is a per-user concept. So I typically set up Office (open all the applications and do basic setup) on a "model user". But later, when the user starts up their profile for the first time, then that user can put their name and initials in Office. Since I have not seen your problem the way I do it, then if you have never logged on to their machine, I wouldn't think it would cause this problem.  I'm a bit stumped at this point.

Things I have seen:
1. User A gets User's B machine without formatting and reimaging. You said No.
2. Office set up as the administrator user. You said No.
3. Documents initially prepared by you, saved and put out as documents on the server. You say ___?

Other than these things, documents are a per user concept (at least from my perspective).
... T
npc_caseymAuthor Commented:
I agree with all of this.  #3, my answer is no.  I've never even opened these documents.  

That's why I'm stumped also!
The files don't have to be opended by you.... to get this message.   Instead, your name and initials had to be used during the install of Office (which might have been months/years ago)
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I had a re-think about Office when travelling home. When I set up a machine for ghosting, I set up a Model User account, set up all the applications, test it all, then copy the profile into Default User. On the way by, I set the Name in Office to Business User and the initials to BU. (Office XP and Office 2003 thus far, but not yet Office 2007).

Now, when the new user starts up and logs into their new profile, Office still has Business User and BU set up in the name field. The user resets it (but not always). I never got a call (not ever) sayin Business User was tying up documents.

So I am not convinced it is an Office username problem (despite my earlier posts). And I am stumped as well.

This now becomes a process of elimination:

1. Open a troublesome document by a machine not afflicted with the problem. Any issues?
2. On an afflicted machine, re-install (not repair) Office. Problem resolved?
3. Format and re-image an afflicted machine. Problem resolved?

If 2 or 3 resolve the problem, it is a machine issue that we have not identiifed.
If 2 and 3 do not resolve the problem, it is a documet issue we have not identified.

With respect to documents - did you look at the document templates, and did someone save a template with your id into an actual document and cause problems?  Easily done.
... T

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npc_caseymAuthor Commented:
You were correct!  The problem is that I'm set as the owner of Office on my Citrix servers, not on the local machines.  I didn't know that these users were accessing files through Citrix (I just figured this out yesterday)!

Thanks so much for the help!
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