Running ntbackup via psexec

I want to run this command on Windows 2003 Standard to backup system state of computers to network share. Via psexec it is working on all Windows 2000 Prof computers, but all Windows XP Prof computers are returning error code 31. When I run the command locally from XP computers, the backup is working just fine and is saved to the network share (drive Z). Firewall service is disabled.

What is wrong?
psexec -u USERNAME -p PASSWORD \\%%t ntbackup backup systemstate /F "Z:\Computers Backup\%%t.bkf"

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haldoxpConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I modified the script so it is now pointing to \\servername\sharename. Also it is working when I use built in administrator. I found out that the user I was using didn't had enough permissions on network computers so I added the account to Backup Operators.
haldoxpAuthor Commented:
sk_raja_raja - already modified the script according to these links before my first post.

"31 A device attached to the system is not functioning". I assume ntbackup cannot use the Z drive. Question is why it is working on 2000 and not on XP and only remotly via psexec.

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