Blank email body.

Randomly, emails sent to external addresses and also internally arrive with a header but no body. In the users sent items the body is clearly there. Using Symantec mail security for exchange version 6. Could this be the problem?
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ArmstrongIntConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
The weird thing is, in the Mail Archives (Journaling to Mailbox) the text is there. This has happened with 2 different sites 1 site is using Exchange 2007 SP1 the other Exchange 2003 SP2, two separate totally isolated domains.

I have disabled Symantec on one site and it hasn't happened for awhile. So I think it must be it, but it seems crazy as I am sure lots of people must be using the Mail Security product.


It does sound like the body is either being stripped out, or the message parts are being changed, which could prevent it from being displayed in Outlook.
An easy way to see the entire email, header and message, is to use Outlook Express, then you can right-click on the message summary, choose properties, select the "Details" tab, then click on the "Message Source" button.  Give that a try and report back if the message body is blank or not.
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