Can I easily move my harddrive from a MPC to a Dell computer?

I have a MPC Clientpro 345 with Windows XP Pro xp 2.  I'd like to move my system to a newer Dell Optiplex.  My harddrive is full so I'm unsure how I should approach this.  I have a ton of stuff on my harddrive I don't want to lose yet it's full.  Maybe using "Ghost"?
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Would you consider installing this old hard drive as a "slave" in your new system?  Your data would be accessible that way.
Do you mean you want to use your current windows install on your Clienpro 345 on your newer Dell Optiplex? If so that will not work - you will have to reinstall windows due to the different hardware. You can transfer you data over though. To do this you can use many different options from copying across a network to external hard drives to putting the drive in the new system as a secondary hard drive.
I hope this helps. Good luck.
debbieeeesAuthor Commented:
The new tower has winxp sp 2 already installed.  I would love to just install the new HD into it but I can't.  I can install it as a second but would my programs still work?  I don't think so.  could I use the network?  there are 15 of us connected to the server.  it's all pretty basic but I'm drawing a blank and getting a headach on trying to figure out the fastest way to do this.
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Your programs will most likely not work if you run the old hard drive in a new system. You have to reinstall your programs and transfer any data you want over.
Good luck.

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Yup, due to registry settings

what you can do, but i dont recommend, is you put your harddrive into the dell and then do a repair install, this works for many, but personally i dont like the thought of old drivers from a past system lingering around in my rig.

your safest bet is to install the drive as a slave and copy your data off.

Also if this data is that important you may want to consider some form of backup (burn to disk, external harddrive to which you remove when not in use and store carefully)
You could use the network, to share a drive somewhere else and copy your file over to that other server, but that would not be much diff then putting the drive into your new system and keeping it as a spare drive.

what i would do

1. copy file off of the new drive to a shared network drive
2. format the old drive and install it into the new system
3. copy your files back to the newly formated "old" drive

this gives you a nice new fresh install on your new system and you have more harddrive space since you will have 2 harddrives in your new system.

Once you got everything set up and done, programs installed i would then go get Acronis and make an image of your system so later you can do an easy restore if needed.

I would also redirect your documents folder to the 2nd old drive and other important items, so if windows every craps out, you can format and know your data is okay on the seperate drive.
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