LaCie Ethernet Disk

On a terabyte Lacie Ethernet disk is there a way to run a scan disk or some sort of disk integrity check?
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I would check the docs under diagnostics or contact them directly, since this is OS dependent

WIndows does not allow a chkdsk on networked storage, but if you can access the LAcie drive at the Local OS level, it should have a way of checking.

I hope this helps !
Unfortunately, there is no user controllable/configurable way of doing this.  Supposedly, it's part of the OS on the server.
mmcodefiveAuthor Commented:
LaCie says when you do a firware update or reflash the unit you boot from an external CD. This I guess means that it supports booting from CD. Do you think I can boot to a Windows cd or something similar and run a check disk from the CD?
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I'd use a Linux (Knoppix or Ubuntu) disk, since I'm sure the OS used by LaCie is a Linux derivative - most of them are.  A Windows disk might actually be dangerous.

Even if it supports booting from CD, will you be able to attach a keyboard and mouse, or will you have to modify the disk to autorun a disk utility?  

You might be better off using something like Spinrite, with a preconfigured command line that will automatically run the program, repair errors, etc.  
The LaCie Ethernet Disks all run Windows XP embedded.  If you connect a keyboard, mouse, and monitor to the unit and boot off the CD, you can login with the administrator account and run your diagnostics / repair utilities.

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Assuming you know the embedded administrator's account credentials.  Perhaps a BartPE disk?
I believe that the administrator account password is admin by default.
mvaiaCommented: can also RPD to the device as well, login as administrator, hit CTRL, ALT, DEL & select Task Manager, select the Users tab, click File and New Task (Run...).  Type EXPLORER to bring up Windows Explorer, right click the drive in question and click Properties.  From there you can run either CheckDisk or the Defragmentation utility.
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