Pause and Play button Actionscript 2

I have a main swf movie that contains a loadmovie called empty with 4 buttons on the main movie which when released will load 4 different swf movies-- child swfs -- containing jpgs and voice audio on the stage.
I need a separate pause and play button in the 4 separate swf movies to pause both the jpgs and voice narration when the pause button is clicked and then a play button that resumes where it left off when the play button is clicked.

If you could be as explicit in your answer as you can as I am a beginner, I'd appreciate it.
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sudiioConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks once again blue genie!  I figured it out.  Since I could use stream I simply used the onrelease stop and play buttons because they are on the timeline.

Thank you!
is the voice naration a sound object? if so soundobjectname.stop() - will pause your sound.
to resume you need to use the SoundObjects  position property saved when stopped so that when you start you can specify the position to resume at.
if you're not familiar with the sound object please refer to the help file as there's lots of details and examples there instead of me copy and pasting the help file here.

why do you need to pause a jpeg?

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