Trying to export DAT files to EXCEL/ASCII/SQL ETC.

I have a program that is not longer available.  I need to put the data into an SQL database.  Before I can do that, I need to be able to export the data.  I am looking for a utility/code to be able to do this.  Here is a sample.
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bmsjeffAuthor Commented:
Here is a sample.  Extension is really .DAT
Bill BachPresident and Btrieve GuruCommented:
These files are Btrieve files.  The one you sent has the specifications below.

Btrieve files can either be very easy or very hard to access from ODBC.  To get information about extracting these, please see the white paper on Accessing Btrieve Files from ODBC, found here:

If you have questions about this process, please let me know, and I'll be glad to provide additional information.

C:\Download>butil -stat inven00.dat
Btrieve Maintenance Utility
Copyright (C) Pervasive Software Inc. 2008
All Rights Reserved.
File Statistics for inven00.dat
File Version = Prior to version 6.00
Page Size = 1536
Page Preallocation = No
Key Only = No
Extended = No
Total Number of Records = 6833
Record Length = 200
Record Compression = No
Page Compression = No
Variable Records = No
Available Linked Duplicate Keys = 0
Balanced Key = No
Log Key = 0
System Data = No
Total Number of Keys = 8
Total Number of Segments = 11
Key         Position        Type            Null Values*               ACS
    Segment          Length           Flags              Unique Values
  0    1         1      14  String       M      --              6833    --
  1    1        15      30  String       MD     --              5900    --
  2    1        49      12  String       MD     --                 6    --
  3    1        45       2  Integer      M      --              6833    --
  3    2         1      14  String       M      --              6833    --
  4    1        47       2  Integer      M      --              6833    --
  4    2         1      14  String       M      --              6833    --
  5    1       174       7  String       MD     --                 1    --
  6    1       157       2  Integer      M      --              6833    --
  6    2         1      14  String       M      --              6833    --
  7    1       181      14  String       MD     --               349    --
 < = Descending Order
 D = Duplicates Allowed
 I = Case Insensitive
 M = Modifiable
 S = Supplemental Index
 A = Any Segment (Manual)
 L = All Segments (Null)
 * = The values in this column are hexadecimal.
?? = Unknown
-- = Not Specified
The command completed successfully.

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bmsjeffAuthor Commented:
I have created and tested the ODBC connection I created from the link you provided, but am unsure what step should be next.

Should I use a specific program to import?
Bill BachPresident and Btrieve GuruCommented:
If you had DDF's, and you created an ODBC data source, then you should be able to pull the data directly into SQL Server via DTS/SSIS.  If you are going into some OTHER SQL database, then you may find it best to export the data (which you can do with the Pervasive Control Center, or another ODBC-based tool like SQLExec) to a comma-delimited format, which just about any database can handle as an import file.
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