I can send mail out of SBS exchange but can not receive

After resetting our SBC netopia router and not making ANY other changes to exchange or any other piece of infrastucture I am able to send email (internally and externally)l out of my SBS Exchange server but, am not able to receive any incoming external mail from any domain.

All the port forwarding on the "firewall" has remained unchanged.

Here is output from checkdns.com:
  Domain farmerinsurance.com has only one mail-server
  Checking mail server (PRI=10) mail.global.frontbridge.com []
  Mail server mail.global.frontbridge.com[] answers on port 25
  <<< 220 mail94-wa4.bigfish.com ESMTP Postfix EGGS and Butter
  >>> HELO www.checkdns.net
  <<< 250 mail94-wa4.bigfish.com
  >>> MAIL FROM: <dnscheck@uniplace.com>
  <<< 250 Ok
  >>> RCPT TO: <postmaster@farmerinsurance.com>
  <<< 250 Ok
  >>> QUIT
  Mail server mail.global.frontbridge.com [] accepts mail for farmerinsurance.com
  All MX are configured properly  

mail.farmerinsurance.com resolves to which is the netopia.

I know that mail is forwarded to a 3rd party frontbridge spam filter... I'm assuming that mail is forwarded to

I'm sure that it's something super simple...

Alil help please...
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I would suggest logging into your frontbridge accoutn and check that your correct WAN IP is in the frontbridge domain setup.

Then I would also assume that you have blocks on your firewall to only alllow Port 25 traffic to come from the Frontbridge servers, i would turn this off for the the period of testing and then telnet to your external IP on port 25 and see do you get a connection if you do then send a test mail via command prompt.  http://www.yuki-onna.co.uk/email/smtp.html

Your problem is either at frontbridge / your firewall / SMTP server. Also your frontbridge logs will indicate if frontbridge is recieving mail and not able to send it to you or if they are nto recievning mail at all if that is the case ring their support line.


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fortress11Author Commented:

We're actually moving away from the frontbridge spam filter altogether. I went ahead and changed the MX record with NS to point to mail.farmerinsurance.com vs. mail.global.frontbridge.com several hours ago so I'm hoping for an early propagation at this time. We only had read access to the front bridge account so there were no configuration changes that were visible.

Right now the port forwarding is being done on a NetGear wireless router with SMTP, HTTP, HTTPS, and RDP. The  SBS server runs on a single NIC and everything is forwarded to it's address.

I can not telnet to port 25 to mail.farmerinsurance.com externally either by hostname or by IP.
I can telnet to port 25 on the inside.

Bad Netgear??? I'm going to change it out in the morning.

Is there a best practice solution to get mail in the interim?

Thanks ahead of time.
Jerry SolomonNetwork  AdministratorCommented:
I would definitely suspect the Netgear, especially if it is one of the home-models.  Their prosafe series holds up pretty well in front of an Exchange server, but any router under $100 generally crashes, sputters, and dies under the load. The higher-end "firewalls" are better, the Sonicwall TZ170 or Watchguard x10e/x25e  are pretty popular selections for this kind of use.

As for the interim, you're already planning to put in another router in the morning, so that should float you until you get a better one, assuming that is your problem.

good luck.
fortress11Author Commented:
New MX propgated. Everything tricking in. Accepting from "all" domains. Thanks for all the help.
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