Shares stop working after a few hours...The network path was not found

We have two separate locations that are having the same symptoms after we recently added the first Server 2008 box on their network.  One network has one SBS 2003 server, the other has one Server 2003 Standard and one Server 2000 Standard.  At both locations the new Server 2008 machine is a second domain controller and second DNS server.

At both locations network shares work as expected for a while (normally around 8-12 hours) then suddenly any/all drives mapped to them give the following error when the client (XP Pro SP3 and Server 2003/2000) tries to open them:

X: is not accessible.
The network path was not found.

Trying to remap drives or browsing to \\servername\sharename  using the name or the IP gives the same network path was not found error.

The only fix we have found is to reboot the Server 2008 box then drive mapping works as expected although a few times we have had to wait 10 minutes or so (AD synch??) after the reboot before drives could be mapped.  Everything is then fine for another X amount of hours&  

We have not found anything useful in any of the event logs.

Disabling AV (Symantec Corporate 10.x at one location and Symantec Endpoint Protection at the other) had no impact.

This fix did nothing:

Disable Denial-Of-Service attack detection

Click Start, click Run, type regedit in the Open box, and then click OK.
Locate and then click the following registry subkey:
On the Edit menu, point to New, and then click DWORD Value.
Type DisableDos for the name of the DWORD value, and then press ENTER.
Right-click DisableDos, and then click Modify.
In the Value data box, type 1 to disable denial of service attack detection, and then click OK.

Any thoughts?
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Disabling Antivirus doesn't actually prove anything. There have been numerous issues with Symantec AVs, particularly Endpoint Protection, when used with Server 2008. Could you try completely uninstalling the AV from the Server 2008, and then test it for a few days?


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citrcAuthor Commented:
We have had nothing but problems out of SEP at the two locations we have it at...

Just uninstalled SEP from the 2008 box at one location....will reboot overnight and update late tomorrow with the progress.

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If SEP does indeed prove to be the issue, re-install SEP and then run the above fix; it should do the trick :)
The Symantec issues seems like the first logical problem to me, but you may also have logon times set for the user accounts in Active Directory. When the users logon time expires, there is a group policy setting that disconnects them. I would look at the users available logon times and see if the shares disconnect when their time expires.
citrcAuthor Commented:
So far so good....we rebooted the server we uninstalled SEP on last night and tweaked the Symantec Corporate settings (disabled smartscan) on the other one...both are still happily plugging along.

If this fails we will check the Group Policy settings...although group policy was already set before the new servers were it should not have changed...we do not have logon times set at these particular locations.

Keep us posted and feel free to test for a few days before you let us know,


citrcAuthor Commented:
So far still good....we will let it run another day before closing...

I am still having this exact problem and symantec has been completely removed..  everything symantec related in the registry and program files.. We have to reboot the server 3-4 times a day due to the shares not being able to connect..
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