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Microsoft, Access, 2007, 64-bit machine error - can't save output data to the file

My Access 2007 database works fine for all users I've tested except for 2 who both have 64-bit machines.  The error message is "can't save the output data to the file you've selected".  The debugger stops at the follwing command.

DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, "ToolingReport", acFormatRTF, strFileName, False

Here's the entire procedure where the debugger stops

Private Sub SendEMail_Click()

  Dim mailapp As Outlook.Application
  Dim mailitem As Outlook.mailitem
  Dim addressList, requestorAddress As String
  Dim subjectStr, strWhere As String
  Dim strFileName, strDocName As String
  Dim tempNo As Integer
    Set mailapp = New Outlook.Application
    Set mailitem = mailapp.CreateItem(0)
    subjectStr = "NEW - Tooling Request #" & Nz(Me!ToolingNum) & " has been opened."
    strFileName = "c:\temp\test.rtf"
    requestorAddress = Nz(Me!Requestor.Column(1))
    addressList = Me!ProgramMgr
    tempNo = 1000 + DCount("RecordNum", "ToolingTable", "Revision=1")
    strDocName = "ToolingReport"
    strWhere = "RecordNum = " & tempNo
    DoCmd.OpenReport strDocName, acViewPreview, "", strWhere, , "entry"
    DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, "ToolingReport", acFormatRTF, strFileName, False
    With mailitem
        .To = addressList
        .CC = requestorAddress
        .Subject = subjectStr
        .Body = "Please review the attached new Tooling Request and reply with your approval " _
          & "or update the Program Manager Approval field in the Request Database."
        .Attachments.Add strFileName
    End With

    Set mailitem = Nothing
    Set mailapp = Nothing

End Sub
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1 Solution
Jeffrey CoachmanCommented:

1. Make *sure* that a "temp" Folder/Directory actually exists on these machines, and that the users have permissions to Create records on it.
(Check the spelling as well)

2. Does it work with another format? (AcFormatSNP, AcFormatHTML, AcFormatPDF)

3. Is this a databse that was converted from 2003 or eariler?

greenprgAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Jeff!

#1 was exactly correct.  It had nothing to do with the 64-bit machine.  For some reason he does not have a temp folder.

Jeffrey CoachmanCommented:

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