Trouble networking to a shared printer on Vista machine

I am having trouble trying to use a shared printer.  The printer is installed and working properly on a Vista 64 bit machine.  When I try to connect to it from an XP 32 bit machine it says the Vista machine does not have the drivers installed and asks for the correct driver file.  I have downloaded the drivers for XP and pointed it to that file and that does not work.  Any ideas?
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Sounds like the XP machine is trying to acquire the drivers from the printer server, Vista-64, but the server only has the 64-bit version.  

The drivers you downloaded, is it an executable to install the printer?  If so, try installing them on the XP machine.  Pointing the printer installer to an executable won't work as the exe file contains the drivers but is not the drivers themselves.  Once you install the driver package on the XP machine, try again to connect to the shared printer.

If this does not help, please tell us what kind of printer this is, HP printers are often big headaches.
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