Restoring Server 2003 DNS

I have a 2003 domain that someone deleted many of the default DNS SRV records.  Is there any way to re-generate the SRV records?
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tigermattConnect With a Mentor Commented:

The easiest method is to run dcdiag /fix to have the SRV records re-created. Alternatively, restart the Netlogon service.

The other alternative is to try a utility such as DNSSrvRec ( to recreate them for you, but I'd suggest you use this tool only after you try the above two approaches.

ryansotoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
run a netdiag /fix

This should recreate the missing records
imalc3142Author Commented:
both suggestions did restore some of the dns records.  there were other issues and we ended up rebuilding he domain.
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