send email via VB.NET using PHP as the mail processor ?

Hi, i hope u guys would understand what i'm sayin cuz im not sure that i do!
here is what i think i need to do:
i got a very simple PHP mail sender which i want to use with VB.NET (If possible in any way), VB would submit a couple of text fields to the PHP mailer which contains the email that would recieve the email...

If that is not possible, is there any other way i can send mail from VB.NET without having to use SMTP servers...

sorry if i'm not clear enough..

Thank you.
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BTosonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well as you are using VB.NET, anythign you deploy will require the relevant version of the .NET framework to be installed.

See below for namespaced/clarified code.
Dim POSTVariables = New System.Collections.Specialized.NameValueCollection
POSTVariables.Add("email", "e-mailaddresshere")
POSTVariables.Add("name", "name or whatever here")
Dim Request As New WebClient
Dim Result = System.Text.Encoding.UTF8.GetString(Request.UploadValues("http://url/to/mailer.php", POSTVariables))

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I'm assuming you have a PHP script hosted somewhere which will you want to call through your VB.NET programme?
If so then why not just use a HTTP POST request?
nkrulezAuthor Commented:
yah that is pretty much it, but i'm a total newbie to VB.NET
could somebody plz tell me how 2 use HTTP POST request ?
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Simplest way is something like this.  Please don't forget to check your values before submitting them!
Dim POSTVariables = New NameValueCollection
POSTVariables.Add("email", email)
POSTVariables.Add("name", name)
Dim Request As New WebClient
Dim Result = Text.Encoding.UTF8.GetString(Request.UploadValues("http://url/to/mailer.php", POSTVariables))

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Oh and don't forget to put a Imports System.Net in your code behind!
nkrulezAuthor Commented:
But this way my clients will have to have framework installed in order for the application to work, right ?

I'm not a fan of framework .. is there any other possible way to accomplish this without having to use framework ?

thanks alot.
nkrulezAuthor Commented:
oh and,

Error1   Type 'NameValueCollection' is not defined.
Error2   Name 'email' is not declared.
Error3   'Encoding' is not a member of 'String'.

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