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I have an HTC phone that just suddenly stopped syncing the calendar from exchange.  Everything else syncs fine (email, tasks, contacts) as long as I turn off calendar syncing.  Once I turn it back on, it just freezes then goes to waiting for network after about 10 minutes of trying to sync.  I have tried a detect and repair on Outlook, tried removing all calendar items from phone and re-syncing, nothing is working.  Any suggestions?
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tenaj-207Connect With a Mentor Commented:
My first guess is that there is a corrupt calendar entry.  How did you remove all the calendar items?  Try to sync the HTC with another user and see if you get the same problem with the calendar.  Otherwise try the following;

If you are using Outlook 2003;
1)      Open your calendar
2)      Go to View > arrange by > current view > define views
3)      Click on the New button
4)      Make sure the Table option is chosen and type in any name then click OK
10)      Click Ok, and Apply the view
This should give you a list of all calendar items in a table format.
11)     Move all the calendar entries to a new calendar called backup.  Make sure that no calendar entries are left.  Then put in a test calendar entry and sync.      
12)     Assuming that fixes it then gradually move the appointments back in until it errors again.
12)     When you are done switch your view back by going to View > arrange by > current view > Day/Week/Month

Outlook 2007 is similar except in step two instead you use; View > current view > define views.

If that doesn't work check out the event logs for any exchange related errors.
I recommend that you delete the whole microsoft exchange and reconfigure the settings.  If it still fails, then do a hard reset.  Seems more likely that the software on your phone is buggy or corrupted.

lflorenceAuthor Commented:
This fixed the issue.  Oddly, I was able to move all the calendar appointments back in with no problem after moving them out and back in a group at a time.  Thanks.
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