How do I Recover a Corrupted Exchange 2003 Database?

My Exchange 2003 drive array lost power and corrupted my database. The Microsoft utilities were unable to recover it. I have a couple of tape backups on Backup Exec 9.1, but the backup log says they're corrupted and cannot verify. Even though the Backup Exec tapes says that they're corrupted, what they backed up was working until the drive array spun down on it.  The logs show a lot of corrupted emails, but all of the Outlook Profiles were working fine. I've tried to recover the database from tape and do not know how to restore the database to an Alternate Location.

First Question, How Do I Restore an Exchange Database from a Backup Exec 9.1 Tape to an Alternate Location on a Hard Drive? Just restore the .EDB & .STM files - I don't want to try and mount it I just want to get the database back on disk so I can try to use some Utilities to square away the version that was working before the problem.

I bought and tried a program called "Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Server".  It is slow - it appears to see all of the profile folders and see all of the emails and attachments, yet almost none of the email body/text is there.  You open an Outlook profile and at first it looks good, you see all of the folders and email headers and attachments and you think it worked but then you notice most all of the emails are empty.

Second Question: What is the best Exchange Database Recovery Software available?
I was going to try one called Office Recovery they're boasting that they're a Microsoft Partner - Left them a voice message Friday and called them again this morning no one's answering the phone - that doesn't bode well for a company that sells a program that no one buys unless it's an emergency!

Please Help I Need Some Professional Suggestions!
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I've heard of On-Track a lot for database recovery scenario's - they get back almost every possible data even where MSFT openly declares they cannot help you further.

In fact many of EE on this forum would recommend this tool to you. I do not remember completely but i guess they used to provide free tool subscription for 30 days or something.

Talk to them, it is worth spending couple of minutes on this tool.
SureFastAuthor Commented:
I appreciate the advice Exchange Geek, however I have talked to On-Track and they are the Most Expensive solution:$1,000 to Diagnose and then $5,000 to $15,000 to recover. Definitely not in the budget. Thanks Though.
The BE 9.1 answer. Make a copy of your current db files, then restore the BE backup over it. Now you can move these files and put the "old" ones back.
For ontrack, look at the Ontrack Powercontrol software, not the services, free demo: . Full version $950.

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