How do I run Outlook 2007 on Vista in "run as administrator" to enable interaction with Act 2008

I am currently running Act 2008 (10) and Outlook 2007 on a Vista laptop, I have Act set up for using Outlook as the default email service, however, when I try to create an email it gives me an error message stating that both programs need to be set up for "run as administrator" privilige. If I click on my ACT logo and go into properties I can setup this up but I can't find the same way of performing this for Outlook. The account that I am logged in as is a full administrator.

Any help would be appreciated.
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LeeTutorConnect With a Mentor retiredCommented:
Right click on Outlook.exe in the Office folder under C:\Program Files\ and create a shortcut to Outlook (if you don't already have a shortcut to Outlook.)  Then right click on that shortcut, go to the Compatibility tab and put a check mark next to Run this program as an Administrator.
LeeTutor:  I have the same question, but I cannot find the compatability tab.  Can you give me the extra steps I need to get there?  I have made my Shortcut.  On the Properties>Shortcut tab, I can open the Advanced options but "Run as Administrator" is greyed out and cannot be selected.  
italophile, you should really ask your own (related) question rather than "piggybacking" on an already Answered question.  Next time, please do that...

The shortcut you have for Outlook is the one that comes built into Office; it doesn't have a Compatibility tab, and the Run as Administrator is greyed out under Advanced.  You have to find the Outlook.exe program, then create a shortcut by right clicking it, answer Yes to create on the Desktop.   There will be a Compatibility tab on THAT shortcut.

If the above doesn't answer it, then open a new question...
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