Modern day Mens magazines (old school pulp/adventure/cheesecake style)

I grew up reading old school 1950's-1960's mens magazines. These magazines would be filled with scantily clad cheesecake models, lurid stories about opium dens and white slavery, along with banal articles about hi-fi systems, cars, exotic vacation spots, movie reviews, interviews with actors, gossip, etc.

I am looking for the modern day version of these old school mens magazines. Anyone have any suggestions?

Barracuda magazine fits the bill perfectly but they are infrequently published and are no longer accepting subscriptions. Maxim used to be really good but in the last couple years the number of girls featured has gone way down and the number of adverts has gone through the roof. Someone suggested FHM, do they have more photo spreads of girls than the current Maxim? Are they 90% adverts like the current Maxim?

Hustler fits the bill pretty well but I'd prefer something that I can leave on the counter top with out pissing off my girlfriends friends or whatever.
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In my opinion, the best men's magazine in circulation today is Esquire. It's not as racy as FHM or Maxim, but the rest of the content is a whole lot better - good articles and fiction, interesting tidbits, fun columns and regular features. True, the ad ratio is pretty high, and most of the ads could almost be high-end gay pr0n, but who looks at them anyway?

FHM is currently my choice.  Not that that couldn't change this afternoon.  I think they spend a little too much of the page real estate on metrosexual fashions, but otherwise, it's not a bad rag.  It's got a fair quantity of ads, but they're not overly intrusive.
xy8088Author Commented:
Looks like FHM is discontinuing its US print edition after the March 2007 issue, turning to an all-digital format with the launch of FHM Online. No wonder I haven't been able to find FHM at any stores.

I just went and got a copy of Esquire and was kind of surprised, I always thought that it was more of a Vanity Fair type magazine, I didn't realize that it had photo spreads of scantily clad girls in it! :-)  And the writing does seem pretty top notch (at least when compared to rags like Maxim).
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