Exchange no longer truncating log files

I run NT backup on Exchange to clear the log files.  Recently I noticed I was running out of disk space because the log files are not deleting.  I made sure the backup was running successfully which it is.  However, the log files date back to 9/16.  I checked the properties of the database and saw that the last full backup was 9/16.  So I decided that the NT backup really didn't have anything to do it with it, so I Iooked at the event application logs on the server and noticed that the VSS snapshot backup process that runs every night was this issue.  There are two events that always occur: 9616 which says "Exchange VSS Snapshot has truncated the transaction logs" and 9648 that says "Exchange VSS snapshot backup has been shutdown successfully".  These events stopped occurring after the backup on 9/16.  Event ID 9648 started occurring everynight after I restarted the server after applying Microsoft updates, but event 9616 still has not occurred since 9/16.  Any ideas on how to get this going again.  My database is growning rapidly.  I've restarted the Information Store service and the entire server.  
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buddholeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try this as a workaround, use circular logging at ur own risk:
"I simply enabled Circular Logging for a day or two. After switching it back the logs flushed normally. That was about 6 months ago with no reoccurrence."
SSEHelpDeskAuthor Commented:
I figured it out.  The VSS snapshot is referring to Microsoft DPM.  We run DPM as well, but I thought that the NT backup was the backup that ran to commit the log files and truncate.  Turns out the NT backup was useless, because DPM's recovery point creation was doing it, and the recovery point creation process was failing.
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