Presentation Server 4.0 Published Application issue

Everytime I click a published application from either web interface or Program Neighborhood, it opens an RDP session.  I would like for it to only open the application.  Can anyone help me out?


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Do you mean it is opening a full desktop and the app?  Are you sure it's RDP? You should be connecting via Citrix using ICA.

djhayuAuthor Commented:
It is opening a full desktop via ICA.  Sorry about the RDP reference.
djhayuAuthor Commented:
It is not opening the application at all.  It only opens the desktop.
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Did you by mistake publish the desktop but named it after an app?
Ok, then there is something wrong with the published application run line. On the Application Location section under the properties click on Browse for the command line and make sure to find the exe for the application and select it. Also set the working directory to match.  What is the application and are you able to launch it using the same path to the exe on the desktop?
Also check this:
From Active Directory Users and Computers, select your userid (or the user experiencing the problem, as appropriate). Select Properties - Environment tab. Be sure the 'start the following program at logon' is NOT selected.
djhayuAuthor Commented:
The path and the working directory are both working.  If I copy and paste the path and paste them into the run command, they open the application on the server no problem.

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djhayuAuthor Commented:
I found something that had pre-configured in the Citrix Connection Configuration Tool and the Terminal Services Configuration that caused this issue.  I have since figured out the issue and resolved it myself.  I do appreciate the help though kq69.  You help pointed me in the right direction.
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