Mac to PC File Transfer Error -43

I have connected an IBook OSX (10.2.8) to my PC Using a crossover Ethernet cable (This is a direct connection, no router or hub). I have shared my PC's internet connection and the iBook connected immediately to the web. From the iBook I was able to mount a shared directory hosted on my PC, when I try to place anything substantial onto this share it fails after about 270 Mb of data has been transferred with the error "The operation can not be completed because one or more of the required items cannot be found. (Error code -43)."
If I keep attempting to copy I can eventually make up an entire directory with a series of 270 Mb chunks. This would be ok however I have approximately 40 Gb of data to copy.

I thought this may be a networking issue, checked the Networking utility on the iBook and it said:
Send errors 0
Recv Packets 156988
Recv Errors 1378
This doesn't seem correct to me. I have turned off all firewalls on my PC to try eliminate complicating factors.

I fear my knowledge of Mac is relatively poor and a pointer in the right direction will be greatly appreciated as I am nearly out of ideas.

Many Thanks
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Here is a Mac KB article on that specific error message:

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timthewhiteAuthor Commented:
The original issue was caused by the special charictors in the KB document, however when copying large files still seems to fail intermittently. However I have copied over 2 Gb files no issues now. Thanks for your help. I was in the appbe KB for a while and never came across that document. Much appreciated!!
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