How to list all AD users and display account status Enabled / Disable on 1 list?

Our auditors are asking for a list of AD users listed on a single printout along with their current account status - Enabled or Disable.  We have our current users created in their respective dept OU's.  How can I get all of them on one listing?
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Joseph DalyCommented:
Use the following at a command prompt.
dsquery user -samid * | dsget user -samid -ln -fn -disabled

The -disabled command displays the status of the accounts. A value yes returned establishes that the account is disabled (for logon); a value of no establishes that the account is enabled (for logon)

You can then pipe this to anything.txt
Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
Load Powershell, Then get and install Quest's ActiveRoles for Management Shell For Active Directory.
Then run Powershell and type the following command.

#For a list of enabled users
get-qaduser -Sizelimit 0 -Enabled

#For a list of Disabled Users
get-qaduser -Sizelimit 0 -Disabled
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You may also export this to a csv using:

get-qaduser -Sizelimit 0 -Enabled | Export-Csv -path mycsv.csv

helpdesk_wlkAuthor Commented:
Who whoooo!  That's what I'm talkin about...   Fast, easy, no cost and I got the report to the auditors on time!  You are da man!
Joseph DalyCommented:
one other thing you may need to do is add the -limit 0 switch if you have more than 100 users.
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