How do I access my Virtual PC from the Internet?

I have a VM (Virtual PC 2007) running a website. The VM can access the Internet without any problem. However, I am trying to figure out how it can be accessed from the Internet while not having a public IP.  The VM runs in a network that has a public IP, so I figured I would use port forwarding in the router and direct "TCP Port 5003" to my internal IP address on the VM. That doesn't seem to be working.

Can you help provide the specific steps that will get this running?
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Two things, is the router set to forward port 80 requests to the vm's ip on port 5003,  or are you forwarding 5003 to 5003 so from the outside the url would be http://external ip:5003 ,and is the web site on the vm running on port 5003?

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Hey dude

How have you configured your virtual networking adapter ?  Did you use host-only, bridged or NAT ?  I think you will need to use NAT and then configure this to route all traffic on the port you configured at the router ...

RSP :-)
dbrenneckeAuthor Commented:
Dawilliams - I am trying to access from the outside with http://externalip:5003, but my website is setup on port 80.  Any way to forward the external 5003 to the internal 80?

richard - The virtual network adapter is configured to use one of the NICs on the host PC (not set as Local or NAT)
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If the vm is running the website on 80 then just forward port 80 through the router the the vm.  You can forward 5003 to 80 also but most likely will have to set up a special service in the router as port 5003 is not a common http port, what router do you have? Richards question apllies to VM ware not virtual pc
dbrenneckeAuthor Commented:
Well... I don't think want all port 80 traffic going to my VM as there are other websites running on other boxes.

The router is a Netgear FSV114... I don't see where I can define a port on the target machine once I redirect the inbound port to the internal IP of the VM.
Ah hah this was not mentioned, ok no biggie I believe on the netgear ,Unless your router manual says otherwise, TCP and UDP traffic are passed through the same port, and both are opened or closed together. So you have to change the port the web site runs on on the VM.
dbrenneckeAuthor Commented:
Yes... I had my VM website on 5003 ... so I confirmed TCP/UDP 5003 are forwarded to my VM. My router seems to indicate that the request is being forwarded to the VM. But I still don't get a web page displayed. (Note - I can bring up the page on the vm as //localhost:5003)

Any suggested network troubleshooting logs? (W3SVC1 is empty)
Is there a host heaader on the website? if there is there maybe something lost in dns translation. Can you from another machine on the network get to http://vm-name:5003 or http://vm-ip:5003?
dbrenneckeAuthor Commented:
Bah! Firewall issue (5003 not opened on the VM machine).
Nice glad you found it.
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