Is it possible to recover data from this device?

We have a LG VX 8300 that we would like to recover all possible data from.  Does anyone know of a solution for this?

Thanks in Advance.
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edster9999Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Looks like you have to buy it :

When you plug in does it come up as a USB data store ?  You might be able to browse it and just copy stuff off.
Can you be a bit more specific ?
Did you drop it ?  Break it ?  Loose it ?

The pphone has a micro SD card inside it.  You could remove that and see what data it has on it by inswerting it into a pc reader

It has a SIM - you could put that into another phone and get the address book / texts off it

What are you trying to get back ?
jdroger2Author Commented:
there is no micro sd card in the phone, though there is a slot for one.  i am trying to recover texts and pictures
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jdroger2Author Commented:
the phone powers on just no screen.  is there good sync software for this phone?
Two options.

1. Get a sync cable :

2. Get a new screen and fit it your self (try ebay for this - I just repaired my Palm Treo phone when I dropped it and it 'inked' out onto the screen.)
jdroger2Author Commented:
I have a sync cable i just dont know what software to use...
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