VB6 Picturebox: how to maximize image resize quality

When creating thumbnail views of images, I have just been using "paintpicture" to resize. This works OK, but I have seen high resolution thumbnails with much more detail in other programs. Is there a way to maximize image detail when reducing the size?

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Antagony1960Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Try this. It uses anti-aliasing, so it could be just what you're looking for:

You could try using the FreeImage library. It's open source and comes with a VB module which you can use in your project. It also has an impressive range of image conversion functions.
ttobin333Author Commented:
I was hoping to accomplish this without using the FreeImage Library. Are there any VB6 or API techniques that you could recommend?
ttobin333Author Commented:
Perfect! Thanks!
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