Dell 1385 WLAN card failing Connection Diagnostic - Associate

Dell Latitude D830 with Dell 1385 mini-card fails to connect.  Monitors in both WLAN utility and Windows Networking show normal signal strength on Netgear MR814V2 and several other routers in immediate vicinity, but neither WLAN nor Windows will make the connection.

 WLAN shows a gray-brown signal indicator in tray.

Ipconfig consistently shows "Media Disconnected" for the WLAN adapter.

 I upgraded the WLAN driver from Dell support website, uninstalled the wireless card from Device Manager, ran  netsh int ip reset reset.log andr reset WINSOCK entries to installation defaults: netsh winsock reset catalog.

WLAN utility passes all Hardware tests. Connection diagnostic test stops at "Associate" and includes this message:

"You must create a network connection profile before you can run the connectivity tests."

I have deleted all profiles in WLAN and Windows, restarted, renamed the router SSID, tried with no encryption and WEP (only modes available on Netgear MR814V2), deleted WLAN Mini-Card from Device managed, updated to current driver from Dell support site, run "netsh" command line utility to reset TCP/IP stack and Winsock to defaults.

THe internal 10-baseT 100mb card works normally, connected to same Netgear router.

Wireless log shows constant activity, but no success. "ATT" is SSID:

     15:37:52, Mon, Nov 03, 08    Connecting to "ATT"...
    15:37:52, Mon, Nov 03, 08    Using "Open" authentication mode
    15:37:52, Mon, Nov 03, 08    Disabling encryption
    15:38:16, Mon, Nov 03, 08    Disconnecting from current network
    15:38:16, Mon, Nov 03, 08    Connecting to "ATT"...
    15:38:16, Mon, Nov 03, 08    Using "Open" authentication mode
    15:38:16, Mon, Nov 03, 08    Disabling encryption
    15:38:40, Mon, Nov 03, 08    Disconnecting from current network
    15:38:40, Mon, Nov 03, 08    Connecting to "ATT"...
    15:38:40, Mon, Nov 03, 08    Using "Open" authentication mode
    15:38:40, Mon, Nov 03, 08    Disabling encryption
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wistloAuthor Commented:
I found the answer - it was the router, not the Dell 1395 wireless adapter.

The original problem was that a Dell equipped with the Broadcomm 1395 mini-card would not associate with a Netgear MR814V2 router. .  Another Dell Latitude with an Intel Pro wireless card would work with the unit.

I happened to have my regular router, a Netgear MR814V3 router, in my bag.  I substituted that unit and the 1395-equipped unit worked.

I went back to the MR814V2, upgraded the firmware from 5.00 to the most recent (5.03), and the 1395 worked.

For those actually using these 2004 vintage relic routers, the last upgrades release also breaks the routers' ability to pass along DNS requests.  The solution is to turn off DHCP for DNS, and used fixed DNS addresses (,


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