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When I click on don't send, remote desktop connection application close.
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This means that the program has thrown a big error and must close to stop it crashing windows or other programs.

Have a look in the 'details'to see if that helps you see what the problem was.

Does this happen every time ?
Does it happen as soon as you run it or later on ?
Does it happen on every servers you connect to ?
Are you doing anything fancy like using SSH or VPN to tunnel your connection to another place ?
1.Try to,
* Disabled Data Execution Prevention
*Add an exception for mstsc.exe to the Windows Firewall, as well as Remote Desktop Client
*Disable Windows Firewall

2.Run complete windows updates and install all patches.

3.The issues was with Data Execution Protection.  It must have been installed with SP3 for XP.  You can change settings for it by doing the following:
1. Open the Control Panel. (Classic View)
A) Click on the System icon.


1. Open the Start menu.
A) Right click on Computer and click Properties.

2. Click Advanced system settings.(in upper left green area)
3. Click Continue button for UAC prompt.
4. Click on Settings button under Performance section.
5. Click Data Execution Prevention tab.
6. Turn DEP On for Essential Windows Vista Programs and Services Only -
NOTE: This turns on DEP for only the 32 bit Vista system programs and services. This is the default setting.
A) Don't Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only.
B) Go to step 8.
7. Turn DEP On for All Programs and Services Except for the Ones you Select -
NOTE: This turns on DEP for every 32 bit application except for the ones that you add to the list. The listed program will have DEP turned off for it.
A) Dot Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select.
B) Click Add to add the programs (32 bit) that you do not want to use the DEP feature.

Here's how to disable it.

1. Click Start
2. Select Control Panel
3. Select System
4. Click the Advanced tab
5. In the Performance region select Settings
6. Click the Data Execute tab in the dialog box that opens
7. Select Turn on DEP for all programs and services except for those I select
8. Click Add.
9. The open dialog box will open. Browse and select your application.
10. Click Open
11. Click Apply
12. Click Ok
13. Reboot

4.If this doesn't work, you could try to download the latest version of Remote Desktop from here:

or here:

5.Go to Start>Run, type msconfig.
Go to the Services tab. Check the checkbox to hide microsoft services.
Uncheck all.
Go to the Startup tab.
Uncheck all
Apply and reboot.

If Remote desktop now works, it was a non-essential program or service causing problems

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