How do I "Import" a working XP hardrive into a Vmware server session?

I have a VMWare ESX Server 3i I'm experimenting with.

I know how to create a new Virtual machine by installing an OS off a CD or from an ISO. But is there away to import a complete Windows install off a harddisk into a new Vmware session (machine)?

This way I don't have to rebuild IIS and my databases from scratch. is this possible?
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Yes.  The product is called VMWare Converter and it's free.  Just install and then it can make a VM out of a physical normal machine.  I did it on my wife's old laptop and then stuck this VM onto her new laptop so that she could get everything using VMWare Player.  It was ace!
Yes, certainly. You may consider

VMware Converter (Free)


PlateSpin's PowerConvert ($$)

Also, if you may also restore Symantec BackupExec System Recovery ghost images or Acronis TrueImage echo images as virtual machines.
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