Cannot do symantec remote client install to tablet running xp pro tablet

Trying to remotely install antivirus sw from symantec system centre console running on sbs to tablet pc running xp pro tablet.

From the server side, the sw appears to be loading and the download successful however, the client never appears in the client list on the server and, if you go to the client pc, the antivirus client has not been installed. I attach the log file which is the only indication of an error (aside from the fact that the sw does not install).

The main error message visible in the log file is "This installation package is not supported by this processor type. Contact your product vendor." - which, from some digging that I have done, appears to indicate a mismatch between 64bit and 32bit os.

As far as I can determine both server and client have 64 bit processors and are running a 32bit version os.

running winmsd.exe on the server gives processor details as Processor      x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 7 GenuineIntel ~1861 Mhz

The client is a dell latitude xt tablet pc running xp tablet sp3. I think it is also 32 bit as running winmsd.exe shows an x86 based Processor as well (don't have it here with me but can get detail if required).

What bothers me is the " Product: Symantec AntiVirus Win64 -- Installation failed." message. (what is the 64 referring to?). Maybe I'm not interpreting things correctly.

I have used the remote install client for all our other 32 bit clients without a problem.

Any help to get to the bottom of this would be appreciated. I am quite new to all this and am finding it all a bit confusing. If you require more info pls let me know.

Thanks in advance

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Jerry SolomonConnect With a Mentor Network  AdministratorCommented:
when you run the installerthis way, the server sees the install, and it will automatically add itself to the managed client list.  When in doubt, run the win32 installer--it will error out if its the wrong one.

Jerry SolomonNetwork  AdministratorCommented:
I'm pretty practical about symantec installation issues; I would just give up on "pushing" it and run the shared installer at the client computer.  There is a share on you Symantec antivirus server called "vphome" inside that is a folder called "clt-inst." Select the operating system type from the installers there, and Symantec will install to the workstation with the parent server set correctly.
Christine_MoranAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your answer Jerry.

 Let me make sure I understand you. I need to go to the client computer and navigate to the correct shared installer folder. Do I then just run the set up to install all the bits of sav on the client? Also, how do I know if it's win32 or win32scs I need. Is there a way to check this on the client?

Finally, how can I then add the  newly installed client to the list of managed computers in the system centre console? I assume if I don't carry out a remote install, the server won't know about my new cleint unless I tell it.

Thanks for your help.
Christine_MoranAuthor Commented:
ok great thanks. will  be tomorrow morning before I can have another go at it.
Christine_MoranAuthor Commented:
Thanks, worked a treat
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