sp_send_dbmail HTML

I have a view that I would like to select about ten fields from and put into an email.  I need to send my email in html format to the persons email that is located on the same table/line in a field called email, but can't get the format right.
In the view, I have fields like name, email, q1,q1ext,q2,q2ext,q3,q3ext,q4,q4ext  I would like to select these fields from the view and display them like the following:
How can this be done?

q1        q1ext
q2        q2ext
q3        q3ext
q4        q4ext
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H-SCAuthor Commented:

What would the code look like for just html in the body of the email ?
H-SCAuthor Commented:

just wanted to follow up.. any ideas?
I think the the example is clear enough.  
1.  know how your output (HTML) must be -> example of a table in the accepted sollution
2.  how to build html-string: -> shown in example even with the cursor-example to make the tablerows

I share kindly the how to ... but I hate typing code that I can't test (and it feels like free labor to me)
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