NAT Clarification

I've searched around for the answer to this question, I may have found it but not have understood the answer. I've primarily worked with Linux based firewalls, with some PIX experience.
One Function that I was always able to easily do is what I refer to as a SNAT.
Example Source IP ( Destination IP(any) Service (RDP:3389) > Change Source to:(
This would force to use as it's external IP address only while using RDP:3389, all other traffic would use the default MASQ.
I dont want to port forward 3389 to, I want it to use as it's public IP when using the port 3389
Where all other traffic defaults outbound to

Is this even possible with a PIX / ASA ?
If so how?
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Yes, you is called policy NAT in the Cisco world.  Here's how:

access-list special_rdp permit tcp host any eq 3389
global (outside) 5
nat (inside) 5 access-list special_rdp

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