Local network printing when attached to a remote network with a Sonicwall appliance and sonicwall client software

I have a client running Vista Business.  She is remotely connected to a 2003 Exchange Server using a VPN connection (Sonicwall client connecting through a Sonicwall TZ 180).  She has a network printer on her local network that she can't print to when the Sonicwall client is connected.  In Windows XP I was able to change the order of networks...my local lan was listed before the sonicwall.  In Windows Vista I have no clue where I can change the network order...or, if I must do something different.
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dfxdeimosConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you unchecked the "Use default gateway on remote network" in the properties of the VPN Connection?


Does her home network and the remote network have the same addressing scheme? This could cause issues.
RichParkeAuthor Commented:
Yes, the "use default gateway" box is unchecked.  The networks are using the same addressing scheme.  the remote network is 192.168.1.xxx.  If I change the home network to 192.168.0.xxx should that fix the problem?
Yes. Because your computer will try to route all packets destined for the 192.168.1.x addresses over the VPN, so if your local addresses are the same it is going to have routing issues.
RichParkeAuthor Commented:
It makes sense and I am sure it will work, however, I need to try to find an alternate solution...There is a lot of "exotic" equipment on the network with static ip's and I am trying to avoid having to start changing all the ip addresses because I know I'll fix the printer and something else will be screwed up.  The mystery to me is that there is a second laptop which works perfectly...using the vpn for exchange, but printing to the printer on the local network.  The big difference is he is running XP, not Vista.  I have to believe there is a setting in Vista that will allow me to print...just haven't found it yet...I'll keep looking...if any of you have any other suggestions, please share...

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