How to modify this msaccess database?

Hi folks,

I'm using an Ms Access database which should be modfied but Im not sure as to what I shoud modify. When adding data to the table and trying to safe I get an EOleException stating that the entered data causes duplicate values for either the index, primary key or relation. Furthermore it suggests to alter the fields which are in conflict or redefine the index. Now the program shouldnt complain when two fields are the same, for instance city will often be the same amongst others.

Can anyone take a look and see what is wrong?


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the only index which doesn't allow duplicates is Nummer (btw, I do't know the language you're using and I'm too lazy to figure it out and then use a translator :P)
so the problem is with that field. either set the idnexed proeprty to "Yes (duplicates ok), or make sure you don't add duplicates :)

PS: I'm turning the PC off (midnight here). so if you still need help and nobody gets in this, you'll get it tomorrow ;)
PeterdeBAuthor Commented:
Solved > It was the primary key as well so I changed that and changed the index now Im happy thanks ;)
you're welcome :)
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