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I use Microsoft Office Document Scanning a lot.  This is one of the features with Microsoft Office.  I use it to scan all my documents (bank statements etc in).

I have recently purchased a new printer and a new computer and I am having issues with the scanning

In short the scanner does work.  As the document is being scanned, you can see it correctly displayed in the preview.  However when the document finishes and it is shown on the screen - it is unreadable.

Instead of showing the document with all the text, it shows black & white lines.  It looks like something is being done in the post processing of the document and is screwing it up.  I have checked the options, however no luck, e.g. disabling OCR etc.

Any ideas

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amacfarlConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Ok.  I found the solution to the problem or should I say "Problems"

There are two issues here
A) Wireless Printer/Scanner:  
As the printer is wireless, when you are scanning using a software product other than the one supplied by the provider, then issues can occur.  For example - only scanning part of a page.  The solution to this problem was to connect the printer/scanner to the computer via USB.

B) As for why I could not get a good balance between quality and size of file - well, Microsoft Document Imaging allows you to scan in monocrome, however HP Solution Center does not.  It only provides you with the option of changing the resolution or whether the scan is black/white, grayscale or colour.  Monocrome is not an option.

Hope this helps anyone in future.
Does the Printer comes with its own scanner utility ? Did you try if thats working properly?
amacfarlAuthor Commented:
yes it does, however it is rubbish, also it does not give me a good balance between quality of scan vs. size of file.

So the issue is definately with Microsoft Office Imaging.
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