Password Change using OWA in Exchange 2003

We run a Exchange 2003 in a clustered environment.
We are using the Change Password in OWA.
One of ther servers in the cluster works when the Change Password is pressed.  The other server displays an error message stating "Windows Explorer cannot display the webpage".
The server that is working displays the same error in a pop up window but also displays an additional login window.  Once you login the error window changes and the password change screen is displayed.
The server that is not working does not display the additional login window.
The URLfor the working server and non working server is https://servername/iisadmpwd/aexp2b.asp?http://servername/exchange/user name/?CMD=Close
We do not use OWA with SSL but do have a certificate installed for the change password application.  

What would cause this beahvior?  I would like to have both servers working.

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RobinHumanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check the IIS settings on the server that isn't working and compare them to the one that is;
also, take a look at this article:
check you permissions in iis on the server that's not working to the server that is working...

that's every directory under websites / under the security tab
Check the pop-up permissionson both servers
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TmakiWITCAuthor Commented:
Where do I check for pop up permissions on a server?   I am testing this on my workstation and not from the server.
TmakiWITCAuthor Commented:
I checked permissions and both servers look the same.
TmakiWITCAuthor Commented:
Does anybody have suggestions for solving my problem?
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