Advanced Search Folder Criteria

I want to create a custom search folder that shows items that are unread OR flagged for follow up.  Does anyone know where the 'unread' field can be found in the list of available fields?   TIA.
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This is what I do:

Items that I "flag" are put in the right hand navigation, underneath my Calendar. I can organize "flagged" items however I like by right clicking on them and selecting "Organize" and then I can organize them by color. I can choose what color means what. Also you can mark this item as unread by right-clicking on it and selecting "Mark as Unread".

To enable this feature, click "View" (in top navigation), then "To-Do Bar", then "Normal", make sure "Task List" is checked as selected.

Let me know if you need further explanation or another idea.
Event Read()
    Member of Outlook.MailItem

From field chooser, view all mail fields and "Read" is listed.
Sub MarkRead_CustomAction(Item As Outlook.MailItem)
Item.UnRead = False
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In addition to Lazy Daisy's comments, there is a standard view configured in outlook to show unread messages only.

This confuses our users every so often, when the view is enabled, and the preview pane marks everything "read" as soon as it is selected.
revgroupAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the suggestions - let me restate what I'm trying to accomplish and hopefully I will be clearer:
In Outlook 2007, I can right-click on Search Folders and choose 'New Search Folder', then scroll down and choose Custom:Create a custom Search Folder.  Then specify criteria by clicking the 'Choose...'  I give the Custom Search folder a name 'Working' and click 'Criteria...'  I choose the Advanced tab.  Now I want to choose several criteria - all items that are unread OR are flagged for follow up.  I attempt to define the critera by clicking the 'Field' button and expect to find the 'Read' field underneath 'all mail fields' but it is not there.

Maybe a more important question is  - can we put an OR condition here or are these all AND conditions only?  
I understand what you are trying to do, but I am not that advanced with Outlook. Sorry! :(
revgroupAuthor Commented:
I believe there is no 'OR' solution for the search folders.  The only solution appears to be to utilize one search folder for UNREAD items and one search folder for FLAGGED items.  Thanks to everyone for researching.

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Hi there, I know this post is a little old but I was looking for the same solution and got nowhere.

I then found that you can customise predefined Search Folders. So I simply did the following:

1. New Search Folder...
2. Under 'Reading Mail', select 'Mail either unread or flagged for follow up' Click OK.
3. Under Search Folders in the folder list, right click the new 'Unread OR Flagged Mail' folder and select "Customize this Search Folder".
4. Select which folder/s you would like this search to query. Make sure you deslect 'Search subfolders' if applicable. in my case I only want Inbox items and not sufolders or RSS Feeds etc..

This option may have been added recently in an update or SP2 (not sure), but generally people do not know that a feature so granular has been added, hence this post.

Hope this helps someone else...

You can also enable querybuilder (which adds a tab to the search folder criteria box). It allows for "or" comparisions.

To add the QueryBuilder key to the registry, follow these steps:

Quit Outlook.
Click Start, and then click Run.
In the Open box, type regedit,and then click OK.
Locate the following key in the registry based on your installed version: Outlook 98
Outlook 2002
On the Edit menu, click New, click Key, and then type QueryBuilder for the key name.
Quit Registry Editor.
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